"Do you want to build a snowman?" I will!

I’m a closeted ‘Frozen’ fan. I absolutely loved the movie and the plot. I loved the characters and most importantly, the OST, which I am currently listening to while looking out onto this Winter Wonderland that reminds me of Arendelle. But, I will never profess these facts to the world. Well, I guess now I kind of am(?) Whoops. Anyways, that is not the point.

I recently realized the progression I had made within myself when I watched this movie for the second time yesterday. As much as the movie touched upon the different perspectives of our current society and the gains the movie has made in revealing certain issues of our society, I feel as if all those correlated with my progressions as well.

Every Disney movie I watched prior to ‘Frozen’, I had always fallen for the head princess, the main character, the alpha female, if that’s what people call it. I had always fallen in love with the elegance, the eloquent speech, the graceful movements, the gorgeous smile, and the overall chicness of the head princess, the main character. Initially, that’s how I felt about ‘Frozen’ as well.

Elsa. Who wouldn’t love her? She is gorgeous. She is fierce. She is strong. She finds herself and her confidence is overwhelming to the point where any guy would just swoon over it. Did I mention she is absolutely beautiful? She is that certain elegance about her that cannot be pinpointed with just one of her character traits. But, throughout the movie, something about her threw me off. Something about her “flawlessness” turned me off. Too perfect? Is that possible? I don’t even know. I was wondering what was happening.

Then, it hit me. I was falling for Anna’s character. She is by no means perfect. She is far from it. She is clumsy, awkward, and foolish. But, this imperfection is what drew me to her character. Even if she is clumsy, awkward, and foolish, she is so honest. She’s straightforward, blunt, and outspoken. She can be controlling and stubborn, but gives way to other people when the time calls for it. I’ve heard from everybody how much they love Elsa and what not. They are enamored by her traits and what not. But, when I mention how much I like Anna, they kind of scoff at me and think I’m weird or something. But, Anna is so…real.

She knocks over things in the castle and when she’s on her journey. She always runs into trouble, somehow. She runs into people and ruins a snowman. But, she tosses a snowball at a huge snow monster, sucks it up through a crazy snowy journey, and has genuine care for those around her, even while sacrificing her own life. I love how Disney portrayed a real life woman in this movie. This is how girls should be. Even Elsa has her own secrets and insecurities throughout the movie, but tries so freaking hard to use her elegance and graceful nature as a front. On the other hand, Anna shows grace and elegance through her clumsiness and awkward situations. She has a sense of humor, is witty, and knows how to act in certain situations. Oh, and she knows how to be upfront with her men :) I find attraction in her imperfect nature.

Anna is a real-life “Jennifer Lawrence”, if I may. But, this is the type of character people should be falling in love with, because it portrays a real woman in our society. But, if people choose to like Elsa, then “to each their own”. It also gives me more of a chance with these types.

So, Anna, if Elsa won’t build a snowman with you, then I most certainly will be the first in line to help you make one.

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